Our Green Policy

In Valentino apartments we care about the environment and are constantly trying to improve the level of our eco-green policy. Therefore we have proceeded to the following actions:


  • Installment of energy efficient light bulbs LED in all rooms and public areas.
  • Outdoor lighting in gardens and the fountain are equipped with timers.
  • Gradual replacement of air conditioning units with energy saving inverter units (class A)
  • Use of magnetic keys in-rooms to control electric power, while guests are away from their room (with the exception of the fridge which is always ON)
  • Installments of water saving devices and aerators in shower heads and sinks (without affecting water pressure).
  • Use of solar energy for water heating purposes.
  • Use of cotton linens & towels in all rooms.
  • Purchasing local products and strengthening the local market.
  • Recycling old batteries (at reception area).
  • Reuse of printing paper and use of electronic mail.
  • Garden branches, leafs and most organic waste from kitchen is composted on site and produce natural organic garden fertilizer.
  • We encourage our guests to use water, energy and towels responsibly.